What does Dale do?

Immersive storytelling, Photography, Web Design
Project Intro

This project was finished in March 2015, where I worked with a Seattle-based farmer/artisan who creates local specialty foods, and finally came up with a storytelling website introducing his story.

Design Goal

We are trying to immerse customers by introducing Dale Nelson's story in an innovative way which takes advantages of various types of media.


We created an immersive storytelling website in three months, and launched a social media campaign on Twitter. Every visual assets used in the project were created by us.

Who's Dale Nelson?

We started with getting familiar with Dale and his story.
Team Member

Dale @ Farmhouse Kitchens

Dale Nelson is the owner and founder of Farmhouse Kitchens, a full-service specialty food development company in Washington State. He has 25 years of experience in the food industry and a true passion in the artisan food environment. Under Dale’s leadership Farmhouse Kitchens is made up of several business themes: Woodring Northwest at Pike Place Market and the Vitalli Syrup Company.

Farmhouse Kitchens

Owner & Founder
Team Member

Dale @ 21 Acres Center

Dale Nelson is the co-founder and board member at the 21 Acres Center for Local Food and Sustainable Living in Woodinville, Washington, an affordable Commercial Kitchen Space designed for entrepreneurs, farmers and burgeoning food businesses.

21 Acres Center

Co-founder & Board Member

What does Dale want to do?

We interviewed Dale to know about what he wants to do through the website.
Attitudes in Specialty Foods

He wants to introduces his creative experiences with local special foods and the idea of “Buying local”.

Insights in 21 Acres

He wants to introduces the concept of 21 Acres, his works and visions in local food and sustainable living.

Business Hurdles

He wants to talk about the hurdles for processing food and selling it to stores and customers.

The Content Structure

We created a textual structure of the website.

Where is the food being produced?

We decided to showcase the major procedures in processing food from raw ingredients to specialty foods in order to introduce Dale’s vision in buying local and value-added products. There are four main procedures in processing food as explained by Dale.

  • Coming Up With New Ideas
  • Testing New Ideas
  • Getting New Ideas Perfect
  • Hitting The Market

Tab Image

Why does dale fund 21 Acres?

In this section, we decided to focus on Dale’s two visions in funding 21 Acres.

  • Connecting local farmers with potential customers by inviting them to come together, sitting around a table and introducing how healthily and locally the products are produced.
  • Educating customers to have a sense of buying local, eating local, and sustainable living.

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Business Experiences

Dale wants this website to be more educational to farmers who are looking for realistic opportunities to make living at processing food. So we we decided to get Dale an opportunity to introduce his career hurdles and success.

Besides, We also want Dale to be able to talk about the lessons he learnt in his past experiences.

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How to present the story?

We started thinking about how to use various media to tell an immersive story and divided it into five sections.
Starter Page


At first impression, we showed the project title in the first place, with a background video showcasing a straightford view of food processing.

Starter Page

Procedural Illustration

We chose to use illustrations and texts to describe each step in Dale’s processing food. In this section, we decided to mainly use images to draw the big picture for better understandings.

Starter Page

Introductive Pieces

Since Dale has a lot of stuffs to talk about in his story, ranging from the origination of his business to his visions in local specialty foods, we decided to take the most authentic approach - inviting Dale to come and talk in front of the camera.

Starter Page

Social Campaign

During the interview, we found Dale also wants to interact with his customers and collect feedbacks in a more effective way. Therefore, we launched a social campaign on Twitter, using hashtag #DreamFlavor.

Entitling each section

We entitled each part of the story in an innovative way.
Screenshot 1

Creating Specialty Food - The sweet taste of rich experience and enjoyment.

Screenshot 2

Supporting Local Farmers - Help others turn hard times into invigorating opportunities like lemons into lemonade.

Screenshot 3

Living Sustainably - Uplifting life with a zippy herbal scented fragrance.

Screenshot 4

Business Hurdles - A passion for what you do with a sweet and sour balance to life.

Final Design

Due to the space limitation and visual concerns, please check out the original website.