Visualizing Gentrification

Information Visualization, D3, Problem-solving
Project Intro

This project was finished in fall 2016. I took a civic data visualization class, where we were asked to pick a civic problem in Atlanta and try to individually solve it through visualization.

Design Goal

Through this project I am trying to use data visualization to understand the impact of gentrification in two Atlanta neighborhoods by exploring the possible relationships with market price, unit size and demographics.


I created a fully functional data visualization which shows the changes of relationship over the years and allows users to explore the dataset and specific configures.

Three Variables in Visualizing Data

I strive to visualize the three variables in one graph so it makes more sense.
About Time

Gentrification is a trend in urban neighborhood resulting in increased property values according to Wikipedia. I decided to track the data over the past fifteen years from 2000 to 2015.

About PPSF

I accessed to Trulia API and collected the price history for both neighborhoods from 2000 to 2015. Because the size varies, I chose price-per-square-foot ($/Sqft) to be a variable.

About Size

I collected house size data from U.S. Census and picked the median property size as the other variable because it reflects the mainstream housing trend in each neighborhood.