IKEA Homepage & Product Page Redesign

E-commerce Design, Building Trust, Personalization
Project Intro

This is a side project finished in May 2016. It not only serves as a way to demonstrate my design skills but also a research which helps me understand design principles in e-commerce website.

Design Goal

I am focusing on building trustworthy, engaging and pleasant shopping experience through organized, minimal and consistent design.


I keep the branding of original IKEA website, reorganize content layout and make suggestions for two IKEA Pages.

Design Considerations

I identified three key design principles that I need to keep in mind while redesigning.
Building Trust

Being able to get customers’ trust is the top one thing that an e-commerce website should be focusing on, which is the most unseen and tricky part in e-commerce website design.

Engaging Customers

The way of presenting content should be very careful. How to arrange content in a way that customers could find whatever they need is the question that is worth considering.

Clean & Consistent

Clean and consistent design creates an enjoyable and pleasant shopping service experience which doesn’t confuse customers and keep them stay longer.


My work involves navigation and personalization in this page.
Project Image

Product Page

My work involves building trust, clear hierarchy and segmentation in this page.
Project Image