Visualizing NBA Injuries

Information Visualization, Data Analytics
Project Intro

This is a class project of CS7450 InfoVis at Georgia Tech, where I designed and built an interactive visualization project representing NBA injury data in the past ten years.

Design Goal

Through this project, I focused on exploring possible correlations among NBA player injury cases and providing insightful findings to the users who are curious about them.


By the end of semester, I build a fully interactive visualization project covering multiple coordinated views representing different aspects of NBA injury data cases.

Project Image

About Dataset

I collected NBA injuries data from a website called Pro Sports Transaction. For each data case, there is a couple of attributes including player name, team name, out date, back date and injury description. Afterwards, I used player names to access to the positions they play and merge these information together with the main dataset.
Player Name Team Out Date Back Date Injury Type Time to Recover Injury Description
Shaquille O'Neal Heat 2009-01-06 2009-03-21 Lower Leg (LL) 83 Days Sore Left Hip & Leg

Analytical Questions to Answer

I interviewed basketball fans and NBA addicts, showed them the aspects/attributes of data and asked them about the questions they would like to know about.
  • How prevalent (count) is it in terms of injury types and player positions?
    • When it comes to all 30 teams, single team and individual players, questions come to be different.
  • How long (recovery time) do players need in order to get back from injury?

Design Explorations

I did some explorations and sketches, showed them to the professors and people who are interested in and finalized the best way of representation.
Project Image

Final Design Walkthrough

Live Demo Here
Starter Page

Injuries Across NBA

Bar Chart View: Allows users to compare the prevalence of different injury types across all the 30 teams and see which team is more affected by what type of injury.

Starter Page

Injuries By Team

Scatterplot View: Allows users to check out the distribution of injuries by types and recovery time for a particular team selected by user.

Starter Page

Injuries By Team

Sankey Diagram: Allows users to see the correlation between injury types and player positions.

Starter Page

Individual Injuries

Radar Diagram: Allows users to look at individual players, get an overview of past history and see which part of his body is more likely to get injured.

Starter Page

Individual Injuries

Table View: Allows users to browse detailed injury historys.