Integrated News Service

Content Consumption, Window-integrated Design, Summarized View
Project Intro

This project was finished recently when I was interning at Microsoft. I was on the Content Experiences team, under the supervision of Yash Misra and Michael Catbagan.

Design Goal

I am designing a news service which is deeply integrated in Windows Shell and providing a summarized, unbiased and contextualized view of the story for Windows users.


At the end of August 2016, I create a number of interfaces demonstrating key features of the integrated news service, as well as an interactive prototype on Proto.io.

Research Microsoft Products

I talked to PMs and researchers on the team to get some insights and context about related Microsoft products.
Project Image
Project Image

The Gap between Microsoft Products Vs. Competitors

Through talking to PMs/researchers, as well as researching on the competitors, I identified a gap.
Who reads news?

The major users of Microsoft products are white males, aged over 55 years old, whereas their competitors like Buzzfeed and Flipboard have much younger users - millennials.

How to read news?

Most Microsoft news readings happen in the afternoon, for 2-3 consecutive hours in the office. Whereas, their competitors’ readers consume news at anytime, at anyplace.

Trending Reading Patterns among Young Millennials

I decided to bridge the gap by making the news reading experience more aligned with young millennials.
Info Snacking Vs. Full Meal

People read news in their downtimes (very limited time) and skim the first few lines to quickly get the information they need and move on and go back to their works.

Full Story Vs. Particular Perspective

People go to multiple news outlets to get the complete story. Even though there is news aggregators, they still think it is time-consuming to find unique perspectives.

Problem Statement

Create an informative news reading experience which requires less time and situational awareness.

Problem Breakdowns

According to the facts listed above, I set up two design goals in order to solve the problem.
Display news in a way which keeps the context of what they are doing.
Organize different aspects of news in an informative and efficient way.

Design Outcomes

Because this is a confidential project at Microsoft, please contact me directly and I am happy to talk about more details.
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