Filming, Video Editing, Visual Effects
Project Intro

As a digital media major in my undergrad, I spent most of my time in filming and storytelling. This is a showcase of my past award-winning/business projects.

Technology & Tools

I mainly use Sony Vegas to edit video clips and add visual effects in AE. I am also experienced in other non-linear editing tools such as Premier and Final Cut Pro.

Please don't read

For the sake of consistent visuals, I am creating this piece just for fun. More importantly, I guess nobody would find this short paragraph here. Have a nice day.

Ink Face

Ink Face is an award winning short movie that I directed in my undergrad. I displayed a set of beautiful things in our world and then destroyed them. By contrast, I would like to encourage the public to be aware of something that is gradually being destroyed by ourselves and therefore, advocate the protection of them.

Time Difference

Time Difference is another experimental short movie that I shot in my undergrad as well, by which I told a story of a family, Yue and Tong. Yue suffers a lot from Tong’s death and cannot gets through it. She lives in the illusion of their past, and feels terrible about that.

Visual Effects

These two title animations are created with After Effects for a real estate company in my undergrad, where I included a bunch of tactics like light effects, particle system, object movements, etc.