A Windows-integrated news service which provides the summarizedd, unbiased and contextualized view of the stories.

May 2017 / Individual Work / 3 months
Design process
Design Process
News reading deep dive

I did some research on the news reading industry and the existing state of by chatting with the PM & researcher, as well as reading related articles online.

Design Process
Bridge the gap

Design a news reading experience which engages young millennials.

Research on how young millennials read news

In order to engage younger readers, I decided to start with understanding how they read news everyday, including where they go for news, how they read news and when they read news. Due to the short period of time at MSFT and limited research resources, I decided to solve the problem on my own.

I randomly talked to young people that I met on MSFT campus during lunch time, and interviewed my friends who read news frequently. When I chatted with them, I focused on understanding their motivations, behaviors, as well as what kind of news which sparks their interets most and why.

Design Process
  • Millennials read in their downtimes, everyday. e.g. 10 mins break, waiting for a meeting, commuting, etc.

  • Most people skim over the first few lines to get the point of the story, browse the images, and then leave.

  • Most people go to multiple news websites to get the full story.

  • They are very likely to loss the situational awareness and the context of what they are doing, after reading news.

Design Challenge

Design a news reading experience which requires less contextual awareness and provides a complete view of story for quick consumption.

Comprehensiveness and efficiency

Aggregate and organize news in a way which caters for the quick and comprehensive news consumption.

Contextual awareness

Display news in a way which doesn’t require readers to lose the context of what they are doing.

An exploration of the news panel

Instead of a traditional web/native app, I mainly focused on how to take advantages of OS integration, changing the news reading from a complex task to a daily behavior, as easy as checking out time, weather and calendar on your computer.

I printed out all the possible places in Windows Shell, and did a peer review session to decide which one is the most appropriate and reasonable place. I finally selected the side panel (as shown below) which could be called out by a news button on the taskbar, because it is aligned with user’s perception of “a short layover station”.

Design Process
A short survey on what people care most

I collected news feeds from various sources and conceptualized them into different news components. After that, I send out surveys asking people to rate each of the components based on the extent of attention.

Design Process
Design Outcome
The desktop view of the news feed.
Design Process
The news feed list and detail page
Design Process
Design Process
Future works

Mobile friendly

Mobile is another platform where millennials spend most of the downtimes with.

Personalized news feed

Provide news based on different scenarios, e.g. location-based news, time-based news, event-based news.